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Reviews for Tummy Tuck Procedures Near Newport Beach, CA

Newport Beach plastic surgeon, Dr. Ed Domanskis, takes great pride in making sure his patients have beautiful results and exceptional patient experiences. They regard him as one of the best plastic surgeons in the Orange County area, and we are grateful that they have taken the time to share their stories. Dr. Domanskis has been recognized as a “Top Plastic Surgeon” and “Best Doctor in America” because of his skill, compassion and unique approach. We invite you to read what our patients have to say about Dr. Domanskis.

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Review from O.  |  Source: Google  |  Jul 01, 2020

I can't believe the results! I had a tummy tuck to get rid my apron. It's only been 8 days but I can already see the results! Rachelle was amazing! She walked me through everything! With the covid 19 it did make things harder but she made sure everything was taken care of. Dr Domanskis was amazing! He did incredible things! I would recommend him in a heart beat! More

Review from M.H.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Jul 21, 2018

I feel so bad, thought I had left a review. Couple things first, my review has value, the reason is that I'm rarely satisfied, and have had many things done over the years, what I received was unexpected and why I came back for more. I have psoriasis, for years I put Clobetesol on my face, which thinned it out and gave me a lovely TURKEY NECK, yikes, nothing I could do, but I had a friend who had a neck lift and it was awful, that is he had pain, weird scary looking wraps, so while things like that rarely bothered me I just wanted him to pull it up or put in fillers to tighten it. I finally ceded  to neck lift, and what I got I did not expect. Not only did I get a PERFECT NECK, but I got back my best feature, my chin, I have a long, manly chin, that had been obscured with fat and loose skin, now you have to understand I went from a single guy with no prospects to back to how I was in my 20's, what is that worth?? Hock the house, seriously, to get young, hot girls again? And then the love of my life who I'm still with, all because, yes appearance, it matters people don't let anyone lie to you, I basically got to go back in time. Second, I had got used to "man boobs", and fat over my stomach, I'm athletic so figured I could handle it, but after seeing a side picture of myself, I went for it. At first he thought I'd need a tummy tuck, we avoided that, and I got what every man should get, ETCHING, first he removed all of the fat on my chest, then ETCHED the stomach, if you've never heard of it neither had I, he makes a indentation around your abs so you have them whether you work out or not!! Result? I was in seeing my dermatologist, female with her assistant, she asked me to remove my shirt, something I used to dread, I took it off and she looked at her assistant and said "What do you do", "What do you mean", "You have a great body", this all without working out, though I'm motivated and doing that now. What can I say? I have the mind and experience of an older guy, with the face and body of a much younger guy, say what you will, judge all you like, BUT I LOVE LOOKING GREAT AGAIN, getting a compliment "You have a great body", you can't imagine how often I hear "Handsome", oh that word I hadn't heard for such a long, wasted period. I had stated I was important to listen to because of experience, I've had IPL's, fillers because of my thin skin, lasers, must be over 25 doctors I've seen over the years and what do they have in common? They talk FAST AND OVER YOU, they charge to for a consult!! What nerve. Dr. Domaskis though a amazing doctor ACTUALLY LISTENS AND RESPONDS TO WHAT YOU SAY, it's why I'll NEVER pay for a consult, what arrogance what if we don't like the doctor? I want to end with this, I was staying at a hotel when I had my procedure, that is neck lift, though his directions were right on, I made a mistake and was uncomfortable, well I can be quite a nuisance, that is complainer, so I got angry, what did Doc do? HE CAME TO MY HOTEL AND FIXED IT HIMSELF!!! Tell me what plastic surgeon have you  heard of doing that? Trust me the guy cares, I screwed up, he gets in his car, drives to my hotel and fixes MY MISTAKE. Thanks Doc!!! More

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