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Brazilian Butt Lift in Newport Beach, CA

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Newport Beach plastic surgeon, Dr. Ed Domanskis, uses fat transfer techniques for patients who desire a natural, autologous augmentation result. A Brazilian butt lift is ideal for individuals who are looking for a shapelier and curvier buttock, but do not want to use an implant. This procedure begins by removing fat from one area of the body by means of liposuction. The fat tissue is harvested and grafted, and then reinstated into the butt area to give it volume for a rounder, fuller look. Recently, because of newer liposuction methods, the chances for fat survival when transferred to a different area has greatly increased. Dr. Domanskis offers various butt enhancement procedures. He will discuss these options during the initial consultation.

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Surgical Technique

The body will be initially evaluated to make sure that the patient is a good candidate for the Brazilian butt lift method. It will also be assessed as to which areas the liposuction will be performed. Depending on the amount of fat necessary to fill up the buttocks area, multiple donor sites may be considered. After liposuction, the fat extracted will be purified. After purification, only a fraction of the fat is ideal for reinjection. The doctor will then reinstate the fat little by little to make sure that the layering is done properly.

During/After Surgery

During the surgery, it is considered as an outpatient procedure and general anesthesia is performed. The surgery lasts an average of 2 hours depending on the number of donor sites and fat layering needed. After surgery, a compression garment is worn to help with the swelling and also assist in the contouring of the buttocks. The patient is advised not to put weight on the butt area for the first two to three weeks following surgery. Sitting or laying down must be done with the weight mostly on the thighs.

Expected Cost

A Brazilian butt lift will cost around $4,000 to $7,000. This depends on how many areas of the body are treated using liposuction to get the required volume of fat needed to attain the right results.

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Brazilian Butt Lift FAQs

Lumpy Cheeks?

When done correctly, the result of a Brazilian butt lift should look and feel natural. It is very important for those who are considering this procedure to find a plastic surgeon with good background and experience with this type of surgery. The results will be affected by the quality of how the fat to be reinstated is selected and purified, and the procedure of how it is injected. It is also important to follow doctor’s advice for post-surgery care.

Natural or Synthetic?

Many patients nowadays opt for fat transfers as it feels more safe and natural. For some, they are not comfortable with implants or a foreign device stored in their buttocks. When choosing whether to go natural or implants, be sure to understand the pros and cons of each technique. The one disadvantage of fat transfers is that the injected fat maybe naturally reabsorbed into the body. It may also depend on the quality of procedure the surgeon will perform so it’s best to clarify these concerns before making a decision.

Multiple Donor Sites?

Multiple donor sites for the fat grafting may include the lower backside, abdomen, love handles and the thighs. Liposuction done in these areas may also help initially contour the surrounding areas of the buttocks. Depending on the amount of fat required to achieve the contour wanted, liposuction in the arms may also be performed.

What If I Gain Weight?

The ideal candidates for this procedure are those who are not too overweight. Both significant weight gain or loss will compromise the results of the surgery. Patients who have had this procedure must stick to a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise.

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